Monday, April 11, 2011

Melting Candle concept similar to Melting Ice Cubes

As a summary, my project goal is to simulate the melting of a candle from a constant heat source using a Lagrangian approach to SPH.  I've read papers on SPH and particle based simulations.  The most intriguing was Fast Particle Based Visual Simulation of Ice Melting (K. Iwasaki, H. Uchida, Y. Dobashi, and T. Nishita).  The essence of the paper describes what is needed to simulated the melting, solidifying, spliting and merging of ice.  I believe I can extrapolate the math and theory from the paper and apply it to simulation of a candle.  The difference lies in the viscosity of melted wax, and the rigidity of solid wax. I believe there will be some challenges with the rapid phase change of liquid wax while it drips off the candle.

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  1. Hi, I am a masters student and I had been trying to implement and extend that paper you referred to above in my spring sem. Have you been able to finish you project based on that paper?

    My project has been a nightmare and had to get an extension to finish it during the summer. My code is no where near what they claim to be the simulation based on whatever kernels and constants they've claimed to have used.

    It would be great hearing from you about your project. I might get some hint on whats going wrong.

    bhagav dot phani at google mail.